How to wear hair accessories

What’s more stunning than your perfect blowout? A perfectly chosen accessory. Whether it’s a bobby pin, a scarf, or a snazzy hat, there are plenty of ways to add a bit of fun to a simple hairstyle.

To highlight the accessories and avoid adding too much distraction from them, don’t mess with your hair while wearing them. Just put on your favorite pair of earrings or headbands and let them do their thing. And remember: be subtle! Too many accessories will throw off the focus from the face and turn you into an old lady who can’t stop accessorizing her outfit with bags, shoes, and jewelry – that’s not what we’re going for here Before beginning your search for some new hair accessories, here is a list of 7 ways on how to wear them:

1. Sweepback hairstyle – one of the most popular hairstyles worn today features an accessory swept back over the top of the head at the front. This looks great on women who have layers cut in their hair since it creates texture and interest. The more textured your style is, the more aesthetically pleasing this design will be. (

2. Side ponytail – a hair accessory (hårspenner) that you can add to this style is a small hair clip at the side of your head. This works best if you have straight or wavy hair rather than curly.

3. Bun hairstyle – one of the most classic styles around today features a high bun worn up on top of the head secured with a clip or ponytail holder (hårbøyler) to not slip down throughout the day.

4. Waist-length hairstyles – these types of hairstyles look great when accessorized with many different decorative clips, barrettes, and bands. These also work well for layered cut women since they accentuate different layers very nicely, creating more volume and texture in your locks.

5. Long layered hairstyles – to keep your look from being flat and boring, you can add a hair accessory to the bottom of your style. This works best with a floral headband or a thin ribbon running through your locks. Use a few thin ties across the front to create an interesting design without detracting from the rest of your hair.

6. Bun hairstyle- this is another classic upstyle that looks great when accessorized with sparkling hairpins for added flair and texture.

7. To make any of these styles more feminine, simply add a delicate piece to accentuate it, such as small flower clips or barrettes. These look especially nice in long hairstyles where they will be well displayed up at the front of the hair.

If your hair is short and you want to add accessories in, try using a headband or tying a scarf in your hair. For longer styles, many beautiful barrettes and slides will work well for you to use as an accessory. Just make sure that you don’t overdo it; one or two items maximum should be enough to add sophistication and appeal to your look without distracting from it.